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Business and Commercial Relocation

Storage and moving are two closely related processes. There can be several instances where people need to store their goods temporarily before moving to new home. Public storages are easily accessible and a good option for safely storing your belongings. Before you start with the storage process, have a look at the items you are planning to store. Depending on the monetary and sentimental value of goods, include only necessary items. The items that you no longer require can either be donated to a charity organization or can be sold. You can consider organizing a garage sale or selling goods at a local market. Online auction is also a good option to sell second hand goods.

From finding the right storage facility to deciding upon the space and getting correct estimates to getting your goods insured, we have a few tips to help you through. Know more about:

There are two types of storage services: you can either rent a self-storage or the better option is availing storage service offered by your moving company. If you plan to take up self storage facility make sure you choose one near your home. Self storage units are generally quite affordable; however do not go for a unit just because it is cheap. It is good to pay a little higher amount for storage than take up the loss for damaged goods due to poor storage. The self storage rent units are available in different sizes and you need to decide how much space you really require. Discuss with the unit operator, the number, size and nature of items to decide what kind and how much space is required.

There are mini-storage facilities available for smaller load. Before settling in for the facility, inquire how and when can you access the unit. Though most units can be accessed any time, there are some units that have limited access and some may also charge access fees. By paying some extra cost, you can place your goods in area with restricted humidity and temperature.

Always, request a written estimate from the storage company. There is a difference between a moving estimate and storage estimate. There is no such thing as extra charge that can be applied without the customer agreeing to it. The warehouse estimate includes warehouse storage per unit, minimum number of monthly storage, monthly charges, and other applicable charges. Specify to the company whether you are looking for household items storage or business items storage, so that you get the correct estimates. Also, it is important to know the condition in which different items are to be stored. If you want to store your goods only for a few days then you may even consider storing your goods in the truck transporting your goods.

Operator of the storage facility will provide you with a contract. One must read the contract/agreement carefully before signing it. You are required to give the operator a deposit which is generally refundable. All the conditions are laid down in the contract. The contract must also state clearly the monthly charges which include actual charge for storage, lighting, insurance and security charges. Even though the warehouses have enough security provisions, it is important that you get insurance coverage for the goods stored. Contact an insurance company and ask about the different levels of insurance and what all is covered. Keep in mind, you will get the claim only when you are able to prove the loss or damage occurring due to mover's carelessness. If the damage is because of poor packing of goods by you, mover is not liable to pay any amount.

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