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In the entire process of moving, packing of goods is something that requires utmost attention. For, if the goods are packed efficiently, they have reduced chances of being damaged. Also, it is important to pack all your goods in a way that you do not have a hard time unpacking and finding the goods when you reach your destination.

You can choose to either pack all your goods yourself or have a moving company to take care of packing as well. You must start packing the goods that you would not require immediately, weeks before the actual move. This will help you in avoiding last minute hassles in the moving process.

Packing is one of the crucial factors for the safety of your goods. We have compiled a few helpful tips in the following sections to make your packing more effective:

Before you start packing any of your goods, there are certain essential packing materials you must have. It is recommended that you create a thorough inventory of what all you plan to move so that you do not miss out anything. There are certain things you can do to ensure safety of your belongings like you could take pictures of the valuable items and note down the serial numbers on some electronic equipment.

Different items require different types of packaging. The delicate items need to be handled carefully and hence require special packing. You also need to take care of what type of packing paper you use. Like, if you use newspaper for packing, it may leave ink smudges on the goods. So, newspapers or printed papers must be used only for filling in the gaps or cushioning the items. You may even use old blankets to wrap up the items that break easily. You need to be extra careful if you are packing all your goods yourself. This is so because you would not get any claim from the mover, for the damaged goods that were packed by you.

For packing your goods, you can get cartons from your mover. These are specifically designed to give maximum protection to the goods. To make the packing process less stressful, pack only one room at a time. There are certain items that should never be packed. These include perishable food items, plants and hazardous chemical substances.

Marking all the boxes aids in proper handling as well as in unpacking the goods. It is also important to take care of the weight of the boxes. Also, you need to keep in mind the way various goods are kept. Items that break easily cannot be kept at the bottom and it is not wise to put heavy items in large boxes.

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